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After a Recent Reunion

By the time we finally met
It was already a quarter of a century too late
Thinking age would not change us but it did:
Like two segments of a circle
Sundered by a seismic fault,
We weathered either side of the rift valley.
So many mornings those decades I'd wake up
After you came into my dream towards the end of sleep
The familiar voice, face, the feel of your hips
To abandon me again! From that grief
I'd make snow queens of delicious ice,
Then a temple of chalk - deserted memorial.
But a divided past cannot be reconciled,
Milestones are not history. My high road ran on
Leveled on the rubble of more  broken hearts.
You have recomposed me. The swimmer dips in water;
The evening settles on an edge of ochre - 
Nothing unsupported, left to chance
Yet I abandoned you. How did I invert it?
Ambition, deliverance, carried me away.
Damnation awaits those who march the hardest


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I was happy
My part

She fired
A sliver
Of ice into my heart

I shrugged it off
I danced
I laughed
The ice went deeper
Into my heart

I worried at it
I picked I squeezed
My punctured heart
Began to bleed


So I ran away
And ran so fast
It stabbed me every 
Beat of my heart

I went to sleep
And overnight
My heart had hardened
Into ice

So now I'm famous
For my emptiness
I am a suitor
Of the ice empress

Peter Jukes 1987


Published in Original Poems

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