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Tuesday, 04 October 2011 00:00

Me on Other Blogs circa 2011

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UPDATE: this site might be a bit quiet for the next few months as I act as the Newsweek/DailyBeast correspondent on the Leveson Inquiry and the ongoing News International revelations unfolding in London. I'll try to cross reference as and when I can, but my work can be followed by clicking the picture - or the link above. 

As the Prospect Piece about the Obama Campaign in 2008 explains, I've been increasingly involved in the political blogosphere, especially in the US, for several years now. That's partly out of political passion, but also a sense of drama: I've discovered some of the best one-liners for my dramas - and a raft of amusing Lulz Images - while debating in the political blogosphere.

My main work/entertainment can be found here:



   1. Sorealism - originally the crazy spoof art movement cooked up with Marcos D'Cruze, this is a new website holding my collaborative work with him, and basically sporting some nice graphics at the moment, and not much else. 




   2. Daily Kos - where I blog under the name Brit. My most popular series of 'diaries' has been a sequence about Hackgate called 'The Fall of the House of Murdoch'. You can see a lot of these stories and many others in the same mould by fellow 'Kossacks' by following the FOTHOM tag which I created. 



      3. Motley Moose - a site I designed and co-founded with a group of Americans during the latter phases of the Obama campaign. There I'm also an administrator and Frontpager



labourlist 4. Labourlist - the leading British Labour supporting blogsite - where I have contributed several articles, focused on the Arab Spring, the rise of the EDL and the problem of Islamophobia


 I don't pretend to be a proper political activist, or particularly informed about news and current affairs. However I do believe in online advocacy, citizen journalism, and the capacity for all of us to become involved either by fundraising, spreading news and awareness, or merely having our minds opened by political debate: as I explain in this piece.


unbound header2

5. Meanwhile, some of these various crowd-sourced blogs have come together under the banner of Unbound where my Fall of the House of Murdoch series of diaries are looking for crowd funding for the book Bad Press about Hackgate and the exposure of the Murdoch empire, richly illustrated by Eric Lewis. Please support the project if you can - at only £5 for a named dedicated e-book. 

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